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We are pleased to announce the following have made donations to the Novi Parks Foundation in 2019.


Hino Trucks $25,000
  Dresner Foundation $2,500
  A & R Plumbing $300

General Use

Robert and Pauline Muzzin  
  Jay Wilson  
  Elaine Gabriel  
  Debbie Costello  

Scholarship Fund

Mary Brady  


Daniel and Sheila Burke  
  Leslie and Mark Kitzman  
  Mary Weessies  
  Jennifer Hoover  
  Lori Burke  
  Angie and Jim Maskowski  
  Brian and Kathleen Barlett  
  Edward and Joyce Rivard  
  Elizabeth Wartell  
  Charley and Becky Staab  
  John and Sherrie Fox  
  Celia Todd